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User Manual

This document describes the contents, assembly, start-up and safety instructions of the LoveMachine42People.

Some videos


This video shows the elements placed in the storage wooden box of the LoveMachine42People, these elements are taken out from the storage box.

Fixing the Dildos

This video shows how to mount the “Big balls Pyrex Glass Anal dildo” and the “King Cock Plus Dual Density Realistic Cock” on the Rod to be used with the LoveMachine42People (LM42P)

Fixing the Vac-U-Lock Adapter

This video shows how to fix a Vac U Lock adapter on the rod of a LoveMachine42People. It’s very easy just turn the screw by hand without any effort.

Dildos Change

Simply insert the Rod into the machine until the Rod magnet sticks. To remove it: pull it energetically out of the machine.

Mount On a Coffee Table

This video shows the Setup of the LoveMachine42People on a coffee table. It shows also how fast and easy it is to change the dildos. Then it shows the dildos in action !

How To Mount On a Bed Frame

This video shows how easy it is to mount a LoveMachine42People on a bed frame.

Starting Up

This video shows what to do before plug in the machine to the main supply.


Because it is a bit tricky at the beginning to tidy up the machine after use, this video will help you to put back the elements of the LoveMachine42People in the Storage case.


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