Welcome to the LM42P self builder page

Because this machine is only produced in small series, the price is much higher than the average price of f-machines on the market. As long as it is not made in large series, the idea of selling it at its real cost price is mission impossible. I know that this machine has a lot of quality and I think it’s a pity that not many people can take advantage of it. More and more people ask me for the plans to make it yourself.

That’s why I decided to put all the manufacturing details online.

On this page you will find all the information you need to build the LoveMachine42People. Five parts are dedicated to detail all the operations of realization. You will find respectively the plans for the Machine, the Electrical Part, the Fixing Components, the Accessories and the Wooden Storage Box.

This page is under construction, so it may not contain all the details yet. But come back from time to time to see the progress.

This page takes me a lot of time to write, it would be a great support if you could make a small donation for its realization by clicking on the PayPal logo below or by subscribing to my youtube channel (unfortunately Youtube does not pay me any money because the content is of a sexual nature and this despite the 1000 subscribers reached and the number of viewing hours of 4000h per year reached).  That way, I will be all the more motivated to finish it quickly and it will allow me to know your interest in acquiring the plans of this machine.

Thank you a thousand times for your support!

The puplication of this document is only dedicated to the manufacture of your personal machine. You can read it for educational purposes. Any use of this document for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The copy of all parts referring to this product (photos, videos, plans) is prohibited and must be requested to the author LM42P.

LM42P cannot be held responsible for any machine malfunction resulting in injury. This machine is therefore to be used at your own risk.