About Us

Inspired by an inkjet printer

During the year 2015, I started to think of a machine that could give me an orgasm without using my hand. The current concept is inspired by the operation of an inkjet printer. When I saw the back and forth of the print head, I tried to put a device in place of the print head to jerk my virile member. I found a plastic bottle that fit perfectly to my sex and fixed it in place of the ink cartridge. It worked and I decided to develop a machine on the same principle.

Know-how for an exceptional product

As an engineer in electrical energy, I fully understood those elements allowing such fast and accurate movements. My experience in mechanical and electronic development, allowed me to make a robust and compact machine.

An innovative concept

Of course there exist already Love Machine on the market, but what makes my product better than others is the ability to vary the stroke i.e. the depth of penetration without it being necessary to intervene manually on the mechanics of the machine. Another point that makes this Love Machine a unique product is that it allows two people to use it simultaneously. And finally, some benefits (certainly not last and not least!) like its included Vibro mode, its compact size and the dildo change is done in a fraction of a second.

Tested on a test bench

All machines are tested and verified on a test bench with high loads before they are put on sale.

You will be satisfied

Aware that you will find the price excessive compared to other existing machines on the market, the quality of materials used and the many features of this machine, will make you quickly forget the high price of this product.

Maintenance-free with a 2-year warranty

No maintenance is required for the easy operation of this machine. A two-year warranty on all parts is given at the time of purchase.

Work with us

Help us to develop this product (technically or commercially) and get a discount for you contribution.

Send us your Ideas as soon as possible!

Thank You.

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