About Us

Inspired by an inkjet printer...

In 2015 I wanted to design a product that could give me an orgasm without having to use my hands. I started thinking about how an inkjet printer functions with a back and forth motion of the print head, so I tried connecting a device in place of the print head to “jerk” me off. This idea and concept worked so well that I decided to develop a machine using these same principles.

Know-how for an exceptional product...

With both mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds, I fully understood the elements for developing a machine that would have precise and accurate motions in a very compact, but robust, love machine.

An innovative concept...

Of course love machines already existed on the market, but what makes my product better than others is the ability to vary the stroke i.e. the depth of penetration without it being necessary to intervene manually on the mechanics of the machine. Another point that makes my Love Machines a unique product is that they allow two people to use it simultaneously.

Tested on a test bench…

All machines are tested and verified on a test bench and must pass all tests before they can be sold to the public!

We strive for quality...

We only build superior love machines, with the highest quality of parts, so you and your partner can enjoy superior sexual experiences together!

2-year warranty…

Every LM42P comes with a two-year warranty on parts and maintenance at h=the time of purchase!

Your feedback could get you a discount..

We believe in user feedback, and are open to giving discounts for any contributions that make our love machines even better than they already are! So if you have a great idea we’ll reward you for it!

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