LM42P Black


LM42P Black


For one or two people

Try it alone, or with a partner, and in any position you love the most. Easy use of the remote control allows you to adjust and control speeds from 0 to 200 strokes per minute!

Penetration depth adjustable 0-18 cm or 7″

Adjust the penetration depth without interfering with the mechanics of the machine. You stay comfortably in position and adjust the stroke using the remote control.

Maintenance-free and Compact, Powerful Vibrator included

High quality of materials and hand-made work provide a strong product . A 2 years warranty is provided on all parts. A nice wooden box protects the machine. (dim. 35 x 24 x 18 cm only) or (13.8″ x  9.4″ x 7″ only)

13 kG or 29 lbs of Thrust

Robust and powerful, this little wonder will give you chills guaranteed. Thanks to its incredible power, this machine is perfectly suited to the use of XXL Dildos.

2 years warranty



This machine can be used by one or two people. The LM42P is attached with a clamp to the frame of the bed or on the Building Plate, so one person is lying on the bed and the other person is taken doggy style. The dildo can be oriented in an direction (from horizontal to vertical) so other positions are of course possible. Different dildos can be delivered by choosing in the category Dildos (not included with LM42P). Do you want to use your personal dildo or favorites? No problem, give us the dimensions of the base and we will provide you with the appropriate adapter. The machine is delivered in a beautiful wooden box including a key lock.


  • 0-18 cm stroke (depth of penetration) variable with the remote control
  • 200 strokes per minute variable with the remote control
  • 180 Watts
  • Vibro function (setting the stroke to min and speed to max)

The set includes:

  • 1 Main motor system
  • 1 Aluminum shaft (to hold one sex toy, to use two dildos order an additional shaft in the accessory section)
  • 1 Wooden fixing Mast 1 Clamp 1 Remote control (for setting the stroke and speed)
  • 1 Electronic compartment, stepper drive Gecko 203V
  • 1 Power supply 220V/36V 5A or 110V/36V 5A
  • 1 Wooden box for storage (350 x 240 x 183 mm) or (13.8″ x  9.4″ x  7″ only)
  • 1 Key for closing the lock
  • 1 User Manual
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